Extra Benefits – Without Extra Charges

With the Esso Business Card, you get your choice of rewards you can use for yourself and your employees.

Earn Esso Extra Points

If you and your employees are Esso Extra members you can:

  • Earn one or more Esso Extra points for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases*
  • Redeem your points for great rewards like free gas, car washes, convenience store products and more

Simply swipe your Esso Extra card when you make a purchase with your Esso Business Card.

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Gain Aeroplan Miles

When you visit Esso, you can choose to earn Aeroplan Miles:

  • Earn one or more miles on every $3 spent on eligible purchases*
  • Redeem for incredible travel rewards and more

Simply swipe your Aeroplan Card every time you use your Business Card at Esso stations.

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* You may participate in either or both programs. However, you may only earn rewards on one of the programs per transaction.