Esso Business Card Premier Plus

Get maximum control over your vehicle expenses and our most robust reporting to help you see the where, when, and how much for each and every driver in your fleet. Plus, enhanced security features can alert you to spending that happens outside your purchase policies.

  • Enjoy an additional level of security, plus the ability to monitor your vehicles’ performance with odometer capture
  • Additional reporting will highlight unauthorized purchases and advise you when maintenance is needed or fuel consumption is high
  • Utilize separate activity reports for each department or division
  • Choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly billing options
  • Earn fuel discounts based on volume
  • Choose between restricted (fuel, motor oil, top-up fluids and car washes) and unrestricted (any type of purchase and $75 limit on convenience items) cards
  • No annual or set-up fees

can help you save time and money.

  • See all of your key account information including:
    • Card and driver detail
    • Payment history
    • Available credit
  • Manage invoices and payments without the clutter and hassle of paperwork
  • Set restrictions on purchase types
  • Set limits for transactions, litres, and dollar amounts
  • Set specific limits for time-of-day and day-of-week
  • Receive notification when expenses fall outside your company policies

Manage in Real-time

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Set purchase restrictions, manage fuel types and monitor vehicle performance

Know more about your drivers' purchases

Purchase and exception reports help you track every aspect of card use including when drivers spend outside your company policies.

Purchase Reports

1 Driver Display

2 Vehicle Purchases per Period and YTD Totals

3 Odometer reading (+ only)

4 Cost of Non-Fuel Items Purchased

5 Cost per Kilometre

6 Average Litres per 100 Kilometre


Exception Reports


7 Sorted by driver

8 Total exceptions by fleet

9 Purchase Location

10 Purchase date

11 Purchase time

12 Odometer reading entered by driver

13 Fuel grade purchased

14 Transaction total less discount

15 Exception code

Control, savings, and convenience for your business