Esso Business Card Premier

Volume rebates and more robust tools than the basic Business Card, plus more detailed reporting so you can monitor drivers, vehicles, and costs.

  • Monitor misusage with detailed purchase activity reports including non fuel purchases, date, time and location of purchases
  • Utilize separate activity reports for each department or division
  • Choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly billing options
  • Earn fuel discounts based on volume
  • Choose between restricted (fuel, motor oil, top-up fluids, and car washes) and unrestricted (any type of purchase and $75 limit on convenience items) cards
  • No annual or set-up fees

can help you save time and money.

  • See all of your key account information including:
    • Card detail
    • Payment history
    • Available credit
  • Manage invoices and payments without the clutter and hassle of paperwork
  • Receive notification when expenses fall outside your company policies

Manage in Real-time

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Know more about your drivers' purchases

Activity reports let you see the when, where and how much for every vehicle.

1 Vehicle info & transaction dates

2 To-the-minute purchase times

3 Retailer addresses

4 Number of litres purchased and fuel costs

5 Non-fuel purchase details

6 Discount applied

Control, savings, and convenience for your business