Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for, give us a call at 1-800-835-4601. We’re always happy to help.

The Basics

Where can I use my Esso™ and Mobil™ Business Cards?

You can use your Esso and Mobil Business Cards at any Esso or Mobil station in Canada, and at any Exxon or Mobil locations in the U.S. Find a station in your neighborhood here. Excludes Esso Commercial™ Cardlocks. Visit to learn more.

How long does it take to get approved and receive my card?

We review completed applications within five days of receipt. Once the account is approved, cards can be embossed and issued within seven days. If necessary, you can request expedited shipment of the cards for a small fee.

How much are the fuel rebates in the Esso and Mobil Business Fleet Card Program?

Fuel rebates are determined by volume. Contact a sales representative for more details at 1-800-835-4601.

What fees do I have to pay in the Esso and Mobil Business Fleet Card Program?

If your payment is not received and posted by the invoice payment due date, you may be charged a finance rate of 2.00% per month which equals a rate of 24.0% per annum, in accordance with the terms in your Business Charge Card Account Agreement. For additional details, please review the Terms and Conditions.

Fee schedule:

Reproduced Reports $25.00 per request
General Research Fee $15.00 per hour
Expedited Shipping Fees Cost varies
Returned Payment Fee (NSF Fee) $50.00 per return*
Account Reactivation Fee $35.00 per instance*

*Not applicable to Consumer Accounts

Is there a replacement fee for a lost or stolen card? If I do lose a card, how quickly will the card be deactivated?

There is no charge for a replacement card. A lost card is locked as soon as it is reported lost through the Esso Business Online system or Esso and Mobil Business Card Services is notified. That’s why it’s important to let us know right away if a card is lost by logging in online or by calling 1-800-267-0156.

Replacement cards are mailed within three working days, but can be sent overnight for a small fee. Normal replacement is up to seven days depending on mail.

Security, Controls, and Billing

What information does the driver have to enter at the time of sale?

For the Esso and Mobil Business Card, the driver must enter his or her Driver ID number. For the Esso and Mobil Premier Plus Business Card, they must enter their Driver ID number and odometer reading. The driver enters the information at the time of the sale at the pump or on the PIN pad at the counter. If a driver can’t remember their Driver ID number, they should contact their fleet manager.

Can I restrict fuel purchases to diesel?

No. Fuel restrictions by grade and/or type, including diesel, are not currently available. You can, however, restrict drivers from purchasing non-fuel products such as convenience store products. These controls are easily managed through your online account management tool.

Can I limit card purchases to a daily dollar amount?

Yes. You can also limit the number and amount of individual transactions allowed per day, and even limit purchases to specific times of the day or days of the week, using our online platform.

Can I go paperless and only receive my invoices online?

Yes! All customers must enroll in the online portal at for billing and payment. You will automatically be set up with paperless billing but if you decide you want to receive invoices by mail, you can change that at any time by logging into your account or by calling the number on the back of your card.

Invoices are stored in PDF format online for up to the previous 13 months, so they are available for viewing, printing or saving at any time.

Is there a restriction on the number of users I can register to use the Esso and Mobil online portal?

No, there is no restriction to the number of portal users. Register online at

Are there different levels of access or authority for the Esso and Mobil online portal?

Yes. First, your company must assign a ‘web contact’. This person will be in charge of your online account, and will have the authority to grant access to other users. The ‘web contact’ is usually the person in charge of the business or fleet. Then, that person can assign other users to the following levels: ‘view’, ‘endorse’ and ‘approve’.

Rewards and Exclusives

When will the PC Optimum program be available at Esso stations?

The PC Optimum program arrived at Esso stations nationwide on August 9, 2018!

When will the PC Optimum program be available at Mobil stations?

PC Optimum members can already earn points at Mobil stations.

Will PC Optimum points be able to be redeemed at Esso and Mobil stations?

PC Optimum points will be able to be earned but not redeemed at Esso and Mobil stations. PC Optimum points can be redeemed at Loblaw banner stores and Shoppers Drug Mart locations. For full redemption details visit

I am not a PC Optimum member, how do I join the program?

PC Optimum cards will be available at Esso and Mobil stations beginning August 9th, 2018 and are currently available at participating stores where the PC Optimum program is offered. Alternatively, the PC Optimum app can be downloaded to register as a member.

I don’t have a physical PC Optimum card, how will I earn points at Esso and Mobil stations?

At the pump, members will be able to either swipe a physical PC Optimum card or manually key in their phone number that is associated to their PC Optimum profile to earn points on the transaction. In-store, members will be able to swipe a physical PC Optimum card,  scan the PC Optimum card from the app or key in their PC Optimum card number or the phone number that is associated to their PC Optimum profile using the pin pad to earn points on the transaction.

How do I register my phone number to my PC Optimum account for use at the pump?

PC Optimum members may add their phone number to their account by logging into their account on the PC Optimum app or on and following the below steps:

  1. From the bottom menu on the homescreen click Account
  2. Click Settings
  3. Edit Personal Information
  4. Enter 10 digit phone #
  5. Save Changes

How many PC Optimum points will I earn when buying at Esso stations?

PC Optimum members will earn 10pts per litre on fuel, and 10pts per dollar on eligible convenience store or car wash purchases at Esso stations. Members will also be able to earn additional PC Optimum points through targeted bonus offers. Conditions apply. For complete program terms and conditions visit

Will I earn PC Optimum points on everything that is purchased at Esso stations?

PC Optimum points can be earned on most products purchased at Esso stations including all grades of gasoline and diesel, car wash services and most convenience store purchases.
As of July 12, 2018 – PC Optimum points cannot be earned or redeemed for any of the following: (i) the purchase of tobacco, lottery tickets, or alcohol, (ii) deposits (e.g., a water bottle deposit, as it is not a purchase), (iii) gift cards, prepaid card products and wireless or long distance phone cards, (iv) transit tickets and passes, event tickets and post office transactions; (v) passport photos, (vi) cash back, (vii) gifts with purchases, (viii) delivery charges (where applicable), (ix) purchases made through non-participating licensed merchants located within or adjacent to Participating Stores or Program Participants, (x) any other products or services that may not legally be offered in connection with the Program, including pharmacy-related transactions in certain provinces (see below for more information about pharmacy-related transactions), or (xi) any other products or services that we may specify from time to time or where prohibited by law. For the most up to date PC Optimum Terms and Conditions visit

Speedpass™+ app

Can I use the Speedpass™+ app with the Esso and Mobil Business Fleet Card Program?

No, not at this time.

Station Locator

How can I get a complete listing of Esso and Mobil stations in my area?

Go here to find all the stations near you.


++Some exceptions apply, including purchases of tobacco, alcohol and Esso Gift Cards. Refer to the complete Esso Extra program rules and regulations for details at

Questions about our Business Fleet Card Program?

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